Population structure of eight threatened timber species in the Department of Chocó-Colombia

Luz Yorleida Palacios Tello, Keiler Perea Pandales, Danilza Marcela Bellido, Haylin Yineth Caicedo, Deivis Abadia Bonilla


This study was conducted in order to evaluate the population structure and the current status of seven timber species for Chocó, where a plot of 50x50, which were recorded in a zig zag all individuals with DBH≥10cm was established (adults). From the mother tree they were measured 15m radius (707m2 ) where a circular plot in which all individuals over 1.3m high and lower were recorded at 10 cm of DAP ( juveniles) was installed ; following the diagonals of the first plot 12 plots of 2m (4m2 ) where all individuals were recorded height between 0.3 and 1.30m were drawn . At the species level were recorded at Hymenaea oblogifolia and Dipterix oleifera with the highest density values , a total density of 19.8 ind/ha was found. Most individuals were located in the diametric class 30.1 to 40; height class for a form of inverted J secured the sustainability of the species was found.


community; Population density; distribution; successional stage; ecology; uniformity.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22458/urj.v9i1.1685


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