Comprehensive Research Program for the Development of Port Cities of Costa Rica (PROCIP) is created to support the development of port communities and contribute to the improvement of maritime and port sector in Costa Rica.

PROCIP´s main goal is:

"Contributing to the development of the port cities of Costa Rica through a comprehensive and rigorous program of research, the opening of training programs aimed at their communities and the dissemination of research and issues related to ports and maritime topics. "

This program has defined a strategy that provides solutions to academic problems in the port cities of the country, and guides the government initiatives that are deployed on projects such as City-Port Limón, among others.

working areas

This strategy has three working areas:

  • Scientific research on topics related with the port cities, maritime and port legislation, logistics and maritime world trade (RESEARCH AREA).

  • Implementation and training processes in maritime ports leading to professionalize the industry and also raise the levels of education, to reduce unemployment rates in communities nearby ports (EDUCATION & TRAINING AREA).

  • A continuous program of outreach that promotes the meeting of international experts in the maritime and port security issue, and inform to the national community on progress, developments and the improvements of port cities in Latin America and the world (INFORMATION EVENTS)..

For the UNED, PROCIP means an institutional commitment to the development of the port sector in the country and their communities by expanding educational horizons and to be able the access to university education. This program also supports the work and expertise of a labor sector that requires professionalization with excellence, but also needs the certification and accreditation of their knowledge to meet the changes and challenges ahead .


¿Who are we?

Dr. Phil Roger

Roger Humberto Rios-Duarte, PhD
PROCIP Coordinator

PhD in Sociology from Freie Universität Berlin, Alemania.
Researcher and Professor at UNED. Also a certified TRAINMAR trainer of trainers.

He is in charge of :

  • Research area
  • PROCIP collaboration network
  • News and research reports

Maricruz Corrales-Mora, PhD
PROCIP Researcher

PhD in Education from TEC of Monterrey, México.
Researcher and Associated Professor at UNED.


Dra. Maricruz Corrales

Fabio Vincenzi-Guilá, Mgter.

PROCIP Researcher

Lawyer and Master in Intelectual Property (UCR, UNED).

President of Bufete Vincenzi y Asociados, S. A.

Ex-director member of JAPDEVA Board (2002-2010).

Member of Comisión para la Promoción de la Competencia - COPROCOM